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Are you aware of the Semiconductor Shortage? Are you aware of how this will affect your business? If you are looking to do any upgrades, it would be in your best interest to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Why may you ask? "There are now other shortages in raw materials to contend with as well." There are other factors such as high demand, and many factories have been shut down because of the virus. "It’s not only semiconductors, "Ford Europe's Herrmann said, adding that lithium, plastics, and steel are all in relatively short supply. You find shortages or constraints all over the place.”    

The semiconductors enable key functions such as high-end computing, operation control, data processing, storage, input/output management, detection, wireless connection, and so on. Simply put, semiconductor chips are the constructing blocks of present-day computation.

Some facts about semiconductor chips: 

  • Semiconductors are made primarily using silicon. 
  • All current tech merchandise and additives require semiconductors — from smartphones to vehicles. 
  • With improvements in technology, semiconductor chips are the spine of many critical industries starting from healthcare to agriculture.
  • Production of such chips can involve more than 1,000 steps.  

Supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic, a significant increase in demand for electronic products as more people work from home, and a lack of investment in chip manufacturing capacity are all contributing to the worldwide chip shortage. This could directly impact consumer prices on everyday appliances and goods. This, in turn, can add to a rise in prices involving IT and a long waitlist to get serviced. 

It is critical to keep your applications up to date to get the best results. You will be able to access files and conduct business activities more efficiently if load times are reduced. In addition to the possibility for faster load times, older programs are more likely to crash, necessitating IT support. This can consume corporate resources that may be put to better use elsewhere. Frequently, programs have defects that wreak havoc on their usability and performance. Perhaps the application crashes suddenly or has graphic flaws. Software upgrades will correct any issues in the application, improving performance and efficiency once again. 

A regular and thorough patch management approach is the most effective technique to safeguard sensitive information and systems when it comes to application security. Patch discovery, patch testing, and patch deployment across apps, servers, and workstations are all part of a good patch management solution. Finally, updating third-party apps is not just the most efficient and safe method to handle them, but it is also good business practice. The good thing is Rowe Group does it all!

While major chip manufacturing firms have declared plans to scale up production lines, analysts estimate that the new semiconductor chip manufacturing plants will take at least two to three years to develop. You do not want to wait much longer. Get ahead by scheduling an IT consultation or upgrade to find out what Rowe Group can do to keep the technology at your company running at top speed.  

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