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Email Customers

Everybody uses email now, meaning email marketing has become an advantage to delivering direct messages and business content to over thousands of customers! That's why at Rowe Group you can brand your email content exactly how you want it, and we help you get the word out there.

Almost everybody uses email, and there is no exceptions. Email Marketing delivers your message in a direct and personalized manner. Doing it correctly is the key ingredient to successful campaigns.

Not sure how to gather customer information? We can set up a customized pop-up form that can be placed on your home page to gather all of that information and more. It can also be separated into groups, so emailing particular groups of interest is as easy as a click of the button.

You'll be tops in brand awareness when they need products or services. If you deliver relevant content that they appreciate, they'll continue opening your email. Regular readers can become regular customers and a great asset in your AOR.

What You Get
Easy to use templates on your website that match your brand image.
Data scrubbing services for email list compilation.
Copywriting and email marketing consultation.
Stay Competitive
Go direct to customers with relevant specials.
Build local knowledge of your products and services.

How does Email Marketing
help my company?

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Get in front of customers and prospects with your brand image.

Every email is consistent with your marketing image and solidifies it with them.

return customers
Repeat customers are crucial for growth.

Special offers and incentives help to make repeat customers out of them. Keep your message fresh and relevant for when they're ready to buy again.

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Get the word out.

Use email marketing as a platform to profile a local customer that loves what you do for them.

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Interact with prospects and customers.

Create contests and other ways to engage them to figure out what products and services make the most impact with them.