Safeguard Your Business Against Cybersecurity Threats with Antivirus Management Services


As any business in the digital era grows, so does its network and IT infrastructure with more workstations and devices to manage. Plus, network-based applications are increasingly becoming more complex every day due to sophisticated technologies. As a result, keeping networks secure against modern Cybersecurity threats, such as viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, malware, and email worms is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for small businesses that don’t have to resources, budget, or personnel.

Rowe Group understands that managing network security in the ever-changing world can be overwhelming, but it is more important now than ever before.

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Our team of certified IT professionals and engineers can add more layers of protection to proactively reduce and prevent malicious activity from endangering your vital data and information. Our Antivirus Management Services can equip your teams to monitor, control, and protect your security networks with multi-level expertise, and the latest tools with customizable features effectively. The majority of businesses worldwide still opt for ineffective or free antivirus software, which doesn’t offer the support needed to tackle modern security issues.

Allow us to keep your systems updated and secure by conducting a full audit of your infrastructure and manage your antivirus solutions. We take care of everything from configuration to installation, configuration, monitoring, and support. Our services are highly cost-effective, especially for small businesses and startups that don’t have the same resources or budget as their much larger counterparts. We can protect your systems from all types of unknown malware and threats.

Our Antivirus Management Services


Most businesses are familiar with antivirus software. You visit a provider’s website and subscribe for a solution that scans and protects your devices against threats. However, due to limited resources and focus on core IT initiatives, teams don’t have the time to manage security threats all the time. At Rowe Group, we simply take away all the hassle so you can continue to focus on your day-to-day activities while we proactively keep an eye on everything else. We look at your security capabilities as a whole to ensure that all systems have the same security levels and management control. This way, managing network security is not only easier but also more convenient.

Security Audit and Consulting

Our team of security experts investigates your network security policies, digital assets, and infrastructure capabilities to identify all vulnerabilities and deficiencies that can put your business at risk of a security breach. With our detailed reports and analyses, we can offer personalized solutions according to your business strategy, vision, and IT team’s expertise.

Installation and Configuration

We help businesses install and configure antivirus solutions on all workstations and servers while minimizing service disruptions. By adding multiple layers of protection for your data along with detection technology, real-time scanning, and scalability. With our Antivirus Management Services, you can keep your systems running 24/7/365 thanks to virtualization support and cloud-based real-time monitoring.

Alert and Log Monitoring

Our teams will keep an eye out for malware alerts, especially those that can potentially infect, disable, or bypass your applications. We carry out this task within seconds or minutes to determine whether a threat is legitimate or a false positive. Apart from this, we also monitor and review antivirus logs round the clock to ensure we don’t miss anything while hunting for anomalies, unusual activity patterns, or system changes, etc.

Update, License, and User Management

Antivirus software is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution, and many businesses usually figure this out the hard way. Data is now the main digital asset of businesses. So, by not updating or reviewing your antivirus, you can potentially allow some threats to pass through. Hackers purposely target small businesses with ransomware because of this fact, and Rowe Group Antivirus Management Services ensure that your system is always up-to-date and ready to protect your data and applications from any threat. We also take care of buying or renewing product licenses. So, you get a complete solution that’s not only quick but easier to manage.



Why Choose Rowe Group?


24/7 Threat Protection

We ensure that your employees and customers are protected by only the best antivirus solutions in the market. Our services are available round the clock thanks to our country-wide dispersed network and cloud-based machine-learning system that detects and eliminates all threats before they even reach the endpoints.

Centralized Antivirus Management

With a dedicated dashboard, you can easily monitor and manage all your connected devices. This way, your teams will require minimum IT intervention since they’re protected by cloud-based solutions integrated into their servers.

Real-Time Reporting

We provide in-depth real-time reports using which you can identify and analyze vulnerabilities and threats easily before they become a problem and proactively eliminate them.

Multi-Layered Protection

Our solutions offer multiple levels of protection for our clients to ensure they can create as many obstacles for hackers and cybercriminals as possible.

Innovative Technologies

Our team only uses the best network security tools and solutions in the market. Our anti-malware and antivirus solutions are also incredibly cost-effective so you don’t have to break the bank just so you can protect your IT environment and data from threats.