Optimize Your Data Backup and Protection with Hybrid Cloud

As businesses worldwide increasingly adopt cloud technology to boost efficiency and maximize business availability, reliable cloud data backup has become a top priority for IT teams.

Data and other digital assets are critical to any modern organization and must be protected from loss, compromise, theft, or corruption. Traditionally, most companies use in-premise servers to store data and have physical control over backup with no third party involved. However, it requires a capital investment in hardware, infrastructure, space, and dedicated support, something most small businesses can’t afford.

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Rowe Group helps customers transform their approach to their data backup by offering a hybrid cloud backup solution. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and cloud practitioners can help reduce the cost and complexity of protecting your digital assets by giving you the best of both worlds. By opting for our services, you can sustain your IT infrastructure, maximize network speed, optimize access and availability, and better protect your systems against Cybersecurity threats.

Why Hybrid Cloud Backup?

Hybrid cloud backup services combine the public and private cloud to provide superior storage, backup, and recovery. Using the best features of both technologies to form a superior computing model can foster a more flexible, responsive, and agile work environment. No matter the size of your business, you can opt for hybrid cloud backup solutions to give you a more affordable and controllable solution than both. Let’s check out the main benefits:

Data Awareness

Hybrid cloud backup solutions allow you to recover to your local servers or cloud platform to ensure your data is accessible and protected, even after a full-scale disaster, such as a fire or theft.


One of the main qualities of cloud solutions is their data replication process which uses 256-bit encryption. Combined with Rowe Group security algorithms, you can protect your systems from potential threats round the clock and proactively mitigate them.


With hybrid cloud backup and recovery, you can retain unlimited replicated data in your cloud and on-premises servers.

Multi-Platform Support

Hybrid cloud backup solutions are compatible with Windows, Linux, Apple, and all major operating systems in the market.

24/7 Support

By opting for managed cloud services, you have professional intervention available at your disposal at any time for query resolutions or technical support.



Our Services

Cloud Migration and Backup

Efficiently store your digital assets and workloads on the cloud with a seamless UI and the latest data dedupe. Whether you’re looking to leverage cloud technology now or later, we can lay the foundation and provide the necessary protection to ensure business continuity.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud backup and storage is a cost-effective contingency that allows you to recover data swiftly and efficiently at your workplace, cloud locations, and remote environments. With Rowe Group on board, you can harness the power of the cloud for real-time spin-off and failover.



SaaS and Cloud-Native Apps Backup

Forget maintaining physical storage and backup software at your facility. Back up your SaaS and Cloud-Native apps like Microsoft 365, Amazon Web Services, and Zendesk more efficiently on unlimited locations while saving your office space.

Long-Term Data Retention

Rowe Group hybrid cloud backup and recovery services tiers deduplicated data to the combined storage location while protecting your storage footprints. This makes it easier and more cost-effective to eliminate or archive older data from your physical servers to the cloud.

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Rowe Group is a global leader in cloud backup and data protection solutions for businesses. We have worked with thousands of companies over the last two decades and offer a complete portfolio of business backup software, hardware, solutions, and data backup services. With us on board, you can minimize the cost, complexity, and management burden that comes with handling this sophisticated technology.

Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  • World-class expertise
  • Proven industry experience
  • Simple and attractive designs with moderate, high-end, and world-class styling
  • Automated disaster recovery and failback orchestration
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Scalable solutions to handle any increases in traffic and data