The modern tech-savvy workforce demands go-anywhere devices with real-time support. With the rapid pace of business, organizations cannot afford IT intervention every time the infrastructure is compromised. Here, end user IT support comes to the fore to help customers, resolve tickets, and diagnose minor problems.

Our specialists have both the technical skills and interpersonal skills required for quality support. They have the right temperament for troubleshooting problems accurately under pressure when dealing with different situations and personalities.

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As End User Support Specialists, we diagnose network systems, hardware, and software programs proactively to determine the right course of action. We also train customers to install software packages, handle hardware questions, report bugs, and walk customers through all their problems. Rowe Group operates 24/7 to take care of your users at all times. Plus, you get a cost-effective alternative to hiring support teams to cover different shifts.

Our end-user IT support services include:

  • End-User Computing and Device Management
  • Personnel Training
  • Outsourced and In-House Service
  • Automated Service Desk
  • Service Request Fulfillment
  • Proactive Incident and Problem Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Servers and Storage Support
  • Back-Up Services, and more.

How Our End-User IT Support Service Works

Scope Definition

Before we do what we do best, our team will analyze and evaluate your situation and document as much information as possible. With this data, the team can set the foundation of future collaboration with your company. It will include the scope of our support services you’re opting for and all the technical information needed to get started. So, whether it’s remote support, maintenance tasks, or ticketing management, you’ll have everything you need in one place for more efficient operations.

Support Take-Over

Once we have your requirements and documentation of procedures, our end user IT support team will take over your IT environment and become the first point of contact for your end users seeking support. We will resolve their queries, keep track of devices and tickets, and proactively update systems and network security. In the end, you get flexible and scalable technical resources for real-time support and device management.

Why Rowe Group for End User IT Support?

Focus on Your Core Business

With a team of experienced professionals effectively managing end user and business disruptions, you can focus on your core business activities and scale your business accordingly.

Enhance Team Productivity

Our highly competent team provides comprehensive support to free your internal teams so they can focus on innovation and core operations.

24/7 IT Support

In the current landscape, your business cannot afford to sleep. Our team will work to ensure that your business stays operational and online round the clock to support your users. We ensure that they have uninterrupted access to their applications and data on any device and in any location.

Customized Support

Whether you opt for dedicated or on-demand end user IT support, you get customized on-site or remote solutions to meet your unique needs.

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End User IT Support Service Desk – On-Site or Outsourced

Rowe Group perform a thorough audit of your IT infrastructure and recommend changes to optimize your end user support desk. Our outsourced end user IT support services are ideal for organizations with hundreds of employees. We centralize communications to ensure consistent support throughout departments, allowing employees to focus more on their core tasks and initiatives.

For smaller businesses, our team can optimize your existing toolsets and metrics to provide uninterrupted support. Hence, repetitive tasks are reduced and your staff’s productivity improves, allowing them to undertake complex projects and initiatives.

Out of Hours IT Support

For organizations that operate round the clock, or in other timezones, our team can take care of your users 24/7. Instead of hiring multiple personnel for different shifts, hire Rowe Group for an uncluttered and more efficient hand-over. This way, you can sleep easy, knowing that your customers, network, and devices are supported at all times.

IT Device Management

Due to years of experience, we understand the possible repercussions of vulnerable devices to network security threats. So, rest assured that your smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and workstations will be enhanced with the latest Cybersecurity protocols to protect your data and network. Our team does this by proactively installing and updating operating systems, security patches, and managing user accounts.

Incident Management

IT incident management is one of our fundamental processes. Service disruptions are inevitable since no technology is 100% reliable. By opting for our end user IT support services, you can speed up the resolution process and make query management more transparent. Our team not only ensures users are provided expected timelines for resolution but also actively documents these issues to make sure they’re not repeated. As a result, you can proactively reduce system vulnerabilities and improve customer experience.

End-User Computing Enhancement

Rowe Group’s end user IT support team evaluates and enhances your end user computing environment by following the industry’s best practices. We consistently deliver superior end user experience by effectively leveraging Digital Enterprise Management. Using this technical approach, we effectively evaluate end user computing requirements and recommend necessary adjustments, tools, or resources to meet those requirements.