Accelerate Performance and Ensure Business Continuity with Work from Anywhere and Everywhere


COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation process in millions of companies around the world to cope with lockdowns and social distancing protocols. As a consequence, work from home or remote work has become extremely popular.

In the modern business landscape, more workers are clocking in from their homes, warehouses, customer sites, or rental workspaces.

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The remote workforce is rapidly rising, businesses need to optimize their IT infrastructure to support this change. After all, your employees and users are expecting high-speed connectivity, reliable network security, and real-time access to documents and data.

Rowe Group was prepared when the pandemic upended the traditional workforce and aims to make the new normal better for you and your teams. Our team of experienced IT professionals ensures you’ll have access to the latest remote work technologies and services available at your disposal to efficiently carry out day-to-day IT operations. With our-end-to end approach to remote workforce enablement, you can gain control of every layer of your IT infrastructure, from the computers and servers to routers and connected device.

Rowe Group Remote Workforce Services

Remote IT Training

Most of our clients report that training new employees virtually is a massive challenge, especially when they’re still getting used to remote work themselves. Remote Workforce IT training is a trending topic around the world as millions of workers are separated from each other for the first time. Our team addresses all challenges from lack of physician supervision, access to information, social distractions, and technical challenges. We start by choosing a delivery model that works for you and then set up the necessary tools, such as a conferencing platform, eLearning authority tools, and a learning management system. Finally, we deliver the training and track the results.

Remote Technology Setup

If your team doesn’t have the proper tools to efficiently carry out their tasks, your business will suffer. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to equip your remote workforce with the software and hardware they need. Rowe Group ensures that you not only have the tools to work from anywhere, but also have instant access to applications and data.

Endpoint Network Security

With employees working remotely, your data is at even more risk than before. Our team ensures that all your endpoints and IT infrastructure are well-protected at all times using the latest Cybersecurity tools and solutions that fit your unique business environment. No matter which solution you opt for, you can rest assured that all your sensitive information and data are encrypted so you can access it securely from any location and on any device.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

By opting for Rowe Group Remote Workforce Services, you longer have to make trade-offs with your cloud strategy just because you’re struggling to implement cloud technology into your existing systems. We effortlessly combine the power of the cloud to your data center. As a result, you get integrated storage, networking, and computing resources that not only secure your infrastructure but also enable consistent remote access.

PC as a Service

The remote workforce heavily relies on their PCs and laptops for daily operations and needs them to be functional at all times, regardless of their location. Not only can we maintain your system’s fitness and security, but we also offer PCaaS solutions to take care of all your IT needs at an affordable price. So, whether you need us to manage your devices, recover assets, manage network security, or deploy system upgrades, our services are at your disposal.

Workplace Transformation

A lot has changed since COVID-19, and many businesses are adapting to flexible workspaces to accommodate remote technology and workers. Our team of IT professionals and engineers can help you deploy, secure, and manage your IT infrastructure while you adjust to the new normal. So, whether you’re planning to relocate, downsize your office, or optimize your existing systems to support your remote workforce, you know who to call.

Why Choose Rowe Group?

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Thorough IT Infrastructure Analysis

Our team offers its clients a myriad of products and services to cater to the remote workforce. We conduct a brief audit of your IT infrastructure to understand your company environment and specific IT needs. This way, we can decide whether you need a complete system overhaul or just a few tweaks to optimize it for remote work.

Single Point of Contact

By opting for Rowe Group, you eliminate all the inefficiencies when trying to combine complex systems and solutions to support remote work. We offer an all-in-one solution to take care of all your IT needs so you have a single point of contact.

Uninterrupted Workflow

In the modern business landscape, no organization can afford system disruptions. We ensure that your remote employees and users are well informed regarding their systems’ performance so they can proactively report and remotely resolve all issues as quickly as possible.

Simplified Management

Our solutions are simple to use so your remote workforce can focus on everyday tasks without the stress of PC management. Our support team is always on standby to assist you with application management, access control, and Cybersecurity issues.

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Anytime Access to the Cloud

Modern businesses typically need access to multiple cloud environments. Rowe Group is connected to several cloud partners, so you can easily leverage cloud capabilities from anywhere and on any device.

24/7 Support

Modern organizations have employees that are originally from different cities or even countries. As the remote workforce continues, our team not only offers its services in different locations but also in different time zones. As a result, you can reach us for information anytime.