Effectively Deliver IT Projects and Technology Initiatives

Managing new IT projects and initiatives from end-to-end isn’t easy, especially when handling modern, complex IT environments and infrastructures with improper or insufficient resources. In the digital age, the margin for error is thin and you need to have the right personnel and tools to minimize or mitigate the risk of failure.

A well-planned and executed IT project not only produces consistent results, but also reduces expenditure, improves operational efficiency, and delivers higher customer satisfaction.

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Whether you’re looking for a simple server refresh or a full-scale migration, Rowe Group can help you align your IT infrastructure with your business strategies. Our team of industry veterans and IT experts diagnose, evaluate, and rectify IT issues in the broader context of our client's IT environments and business operations. With this innovative approach, you get an objective, independent perspective that can help you utilize your IT resources to their maximum potential. So, let us manage your IT Projects behind the scenes while you focus on your core business activities.

IT Project Design

The key to starting and finishing any project well lies in the initial briefing. Our team uses a strategic approach to assess your corporate goals, perform risk assessment, and design a solid project plan with contingencies to optimize your IT investment. By leveraging the latest design tools and practices, we can examine the feasibility of implementing a specific solution according to your budget, infrastructure, scale, and resources. Once we have an approved design, we procure the technologies required to execute your project in time. So whether you’re planning to improve your server, network, storage, connectivity, or Cybersecurity infrastructure, we’ve got you covered.

IT Budget Planning

Unfortunately, many small and large businesses still undervalue the importance of IT and don’t plan their IT budget beyond repairing faulty equipment. Our team offers a strategic approach to IT budgeting and can help you identify IT priorities to deliver new and improved technologies, improve IT management, cut unnecessary expenditures, and optimize the performance of existing systems.

IT Roadmapping

Rowe Group exists to offer game-changing IT solutions. With IT Roadmapping, you can visualize plans for new projects and improving existing ones. A well-designed IT Roadmap is the key to converting your investment into organizational growth. With the rapidly-changing business landscape, most businesses hardly have the time to chalk out innovative changes. This is where our team comes in to analyze your existing technologies and devise an action plan that matches your business goals while identifying potential risks and minimizing expenditures.

VMware Implementation

VMware is one of the most innovative business technology solutions in the last decade. Essentially, it helps organizations create a virtual representation of their IT infrastructure, including servers, applications, networks, and storage. Our team can help assess your IT environment and implement a new virtual machine to increase your IT agility and scalability, automate several operations, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Cloud Migration Projects

Shifting to a new public or hybrid cloud environment requires a blend of proper tools, expertise, and experience. Our highly-trained team of cloud practitioners can ensure seamless cloud migration and digital transformation so all your digital assets, resources, and applications are perfectly integrated and easily accessible.

Email Migration Projects

Our email migration team will get in touch with your team to understand your current pain points, business needs, and custom email environment settings. We have migrated thousands of mailboxes in the last decade so we’ll ensure seamless migration with zero downtime. We’ll create and verify email accounts upon your approval and connect them to your source mail and start the live migration process. After the migration, you can go live and start using the new email. Depending on your current setup, our team can easily migrate emails, contacts, calendars, and notes, etc.