Plan Your IT Expenditures Seamlessly


With the new “business as usual” in full swing following the pandemic, leaders are forced to revamp their budgeting plans, especially their IT expenditures.

This development is hardly surprising as uncertainty still looms across global economies with thousands of businesses looking to revive themselves through technology initiatives. IT budgets have almost doubled in size, with organizations investing in digital transformation, Cybersecurity solutions, remote solutions, cloud technology, etc. for survival and continuity. Unfortunately, most small businesses struggle with IT budget planning since they have to prioritize and get the most out of they what they can send.

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This is where Rowe Group comes in to assist IT and finance teams in changing their approach to IT budgeting and transform it from an annual “make it fit” practice to a continuous management process. With a team of savvy IT and finance professionals along with a host of the latest IT budget planning solutions, we can offer you a structured service catalog and detailed cost-to-service flow, which you can use to create virtually infinite budgeting scenarios.

So, whether you need to enhance your workstations with more powerful hardware or invest in cloud technology to outsource backup and disaster recovery, we’ll thoroughly assess your IT infrastructure and business goals to plan your IT expenditures effectively.

Our Services

IT Budget Assessment

Rowe Group can help you determine whether your current IT budget makes financial sense or not using your key performance indicators, financial statements, and cash flows. Since your IT budget needs to be incorporated into your overall budget, we can help you determine which tech initiatives you should consider investing in and make necessary adjustments according to the fluctuating market conditions.

Asset Replacement & Maintenance Planning

We identify the equipment and software that needs to be repaired, upgraded, or replaced, and fit these expenses into your IT budget planning while ensuring you get the maximum ROI from each asset. By maintaining an up-to-date inventory of every physical and digital solution at your workplace, we can proactively factor in all expenses and set the required contingencies in place to minimize IT downtime.

IT Expense Segregation

To foster better budget planning and decision-making, we segregate expenses based on technology type and functions, including:

  • Hardware
    Hardware refers to all IT equipment at your workplace, such as computers, laptops, peripherals, servers, and other physical assets. We take into account their implementation, user training, warranty, maintenance, and support costs as well as how critical they are to daily processes so we can rank them in terms of priority. Our team will help you.
  • Software, Services, and Subscriptions
    Software expenses comprise service contracts and licenses for digital solutions employees use daily to complete their tasks. These expenses are commonly fixed in terms of price and tenure. In contrast, subscriptions offer monthly or yearly access to hardware, software, managed services, cloud solutions, etc. The price and duration of the subscription vary from solution to solution. We will assess your budget and requirements to determine which solutions best fit into it.

Our 5 Steps to IT Budget Planning


1. Financial Resources Assessment

The first thing we do is calculate your monthly cash flow (sales, services, subscriptions, loans, or money from other sources). With a detailed fact-find, we will capture all the relevant information to determine your assets and liabilities, and risk tolerance and capacity.

2. Expense Evaluation

Next, we’ll determine how much you spend on technology and your IT infrastructure using your financial records. Once we understand your current spending patterns, we can pinpoint areas of strength and weaknesses of your resource planning and allocation.

3. Technology Briefing

Following the extensive paperwork, we sit down with your IT and executive team to determine your goals. These can be long-term goals like a full-scale digital transformation or a simple cloud migration for backup and disaster recovery. Using your brief, we can recommend tech solutions to meet your requirement and fit them into your IT budget.

4. Planning and Implementation

Once we’ve determined your IT needs and overall budget, we can put together a plan that will help you achieve your technology goals while keeping tabs on your financial situation.

5. Performance Tracking

At the end of a specified period (month, 3-months, or year), we can compare your actual IT expenses and ROI to your budget and readjust them accordingly.