Internal threats....

AdobeStock 442681853 Converted You understand how critical your email system is to your company's success. Email is not only your primary means of contact and must be available at all times. You have a robust email security system in place, and you always back up, archive, and keep your emails safely. But how can you protect your email system from dangers within your company?

When it comes to email security, one often overlooked but intriguing aspect to consider is how to safeguard your email system from internal dangers, such as criminal intent on the part of your own staff. There's a chance that someone on your team deliberately messes up your email system. You may keep similar incidents from happening by keeping a close eye on your employees' IT activities. Installing software packages that track employee access and actions connected to access and grant notices on the occasion of unexpected IT action will assist you in accomplishing this.

Employees entering into work email at times or days they are not supposed to, sending attachments to email addresses outside of your organization's network, and so on are examples of anomalous IT activity. If you can, invest in CCTV cameras and biometric access. This will also serve as a disincentive to employees who are malevolent.

Email is your company's most important communication tool, but it also has the ability to act as a backdoor access point for thieves into your IT systems. Email is also one of the most regularly targeted items when it comes to cybercrime. An email attack has the potential to result in data leaks, compromising key vendor and customer data, leaving you open to lawsuits, or even install malware that can completely disable your organization.

If you don't have time to investigate the security of your email system, consider hiring a managed service provider (MSP). They will be able to assess your business needs and provide the best email security solution for you. They may also assist you in drafting a solid IT policy if you don't already have one, as well as perform security training and drills for your employees.

Email Security Solutions...

Deploying a strong email security solution is, of course, a vital component of email security. But, with so many numerous alternatives accessible, what should you search for when selecting an email security instrument? Here are some important things to look for in an email security system.

  • Encryption: Let's begin with the most dreadful situation. Your company's email server has been compromised. You can assure that the criminals will never be able to access the data they took by using an email security solution that includes data encryption. Information encryption is the method of encoding information in a diverse format before sending it and after that interpreting it once it comes to the expecting recipient. No one in the middle will be able to make sense of the data they access without decryption keys.
  • Ditch the server-based email system: Emails are saved on servers and transmitted every time the email software establishes a connection with them in server-based email systems, which are supported by most older versions of email software (Outlook, Thunderbird, and so on). Web-based platforms, on the other hand, provide more security.
  • Strong filters: To prevent spam and harmful emails out of your inbox, make sure your email security program has powerful filtering capabilities. It's good to train personnel to recognize spam and fraudulent emails, but it's even better to invest in email security software that keeps the majority of them at bay!
  • Intelligence: Consider artificial intelligence when selecting email security software. Newer anti-malware relies less on signatures of known malicious content and instead uses threat intelligence, reputation services, and other near-real-time sources to pinpoint the location of threats — domains, IP addresses, and email addresses, for example, to alert IT teams. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated by the day, and they are always experimenting to find new ways to circumvent existing anti-malware solutions. You'll need a system that can stay up with them in terms of email security.

The critical role played by email in your business environment and its vulnerability make it imperative that you deploy strong security solutions for your email. Reach to Rowe Group to learn more about how you can keep your email system clean and safe.