Develop the Right Team for Your Business...

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A top digital marketing team needs the right skill sets and processes in place to achieve objective goals as quickly as possible. This does not mean all positions can or should be filled in-house, Sometimes the best marketing teams are outsourced. The best marketing management model can range from small and simple to large and intricate, depending on the complexities and needs of a company. There can be a single individual for each role or multiple people can take on multiple different roles. It is natural to believe that marketers can fulfill a variety of roles and expectations. While many people can do it, be careful not to overwork your team. Before you dive into marketing just for sake of marketing, consider your company's needs. Invest in the right marketing team and set goals to protect your team! The following roles can make but are not limited to a team that makes up the marketing department. 
  • Email marketers
  • SEO specialists and paid media planners
  • Editors
  • Videographers
  • Content strategists
  • Designers
  • Community managers
  • Website programmers or managers
  • Writers
  • Customer service
It is necessary to be familiar with web tools, creative suite programs, and communication software. This is because these tools are used throughout multiple different positions in the marketing team. Another important characteristic to have in the team is individualism and creativity. Having team members that think outside of the box is always beneficial as they can solve the problem in a way others may not think of. 
All brand imagery will be handled by the creative team, so someone with design, strategy, and web optimization skills should be considered. Your content creators may need to collaborate with other teams on projects to ensure that the advertising is correct, so they should be prepared to do so.
Ascertain that the SEO operations are being performed by someone familiar with data analysis and content optimization for search engines, as well as conducting thorough keyword researches. They should know Google, Bing, and other search engine languages. The SEO specialist will optimize your web pages and use keywords to optimize content to rank your webpage and content to make your product or service seen. The optimization of the content may require the following skills of writing, editing, and proofreading. Ranking on search engines will help your company to reach new prospects along with getting new leads until they are ready to either confirm the service or purchase a product. 
Organizations that invest in customer retention through the proactive use of media channels enlist the help of Paid Media Specialists in the hopes of reaching their core demographic and spreading their message, brand, and voice across media systems. They monitor the viewing habits of your prospective consumers. Paid Media Specialists use marketing strategy and ad tools like Google and Facebook Ads to give your ad message along with post effectiveness, calculated reach, and assessing the post-impact on the consumer. 
Standing out from the many businesses that are out there can be difficult. The design and campaigns that are developed can be valuable assets. Your graphic designer can take on this role. Having an in-house or remote designer that knows the right tools and is in tune with the current trends can take the company to a different level. Depending on the workload your graphic designer could also be your video editor. Utilizing this skill will take video marketing to the next level. 
The chain of command can also change depending on how you want to give out roles and management. Having team leaders is often helpful to keep everyone on track. Using a platform such as Monday or Asana is a good idea so that everyone can communicate on one platform. How your marketing team runs will be determined by the individual business and marketing goals. Business goals may vary. Some may want to go international, and others may want to stay local.