Boost your Business with Analytics...

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One of the most important things you can do to optimize your online presence and generate more leads and revenue is to understand how your visitors use your website. Google Analytics is still the best analytic tool for keeping track of everything. Many companies, on the other hand, tend to focus on overall performance rather than understanding other key metrics that contribute to the end result.

Google provides a program that collects visitor information from your website and provides basic statistics and analytical tools for SEO. The information is used to create reports that show you how your visitors interact with your website.

You can use Google Analytics to examine your traffic to see if your target market is finding your website, how they are finding it, and whether they are taking the actions you expect them to take while there. You can improve your marketing strategies and increase engagement by tracking and analyzing your traffic. It is easy to get lost in Google Analytics' many features, variables, and settings. For starters take a look at these basic key metrics for analyzing your website traffic.

The Pageviews metric should rise in correlation with the number of Unique Visitors displayed. This metric indicates how far into your website's pages your unique visitors go. If the percentage is low, your content may not be attractive enough to entice visitors to go beyond the home or landing page of your website. A key factor to maintaining good metrics is to have a good landing page as well as SEO. 

The Bounce Rate metric will tell you how many visitors left your website after just visiting one page. High bounce rates may indicate that certain aspects of your website, such as design, content, navigation, and so on, are not appealing to visitors. It will give you an insight into possible changes that you can make to your platform to boost the number of times visitors stay on your page.  

This metric reveals the origins of your website's top and bottom moments of traffic. Referral, direct, organic search, and social are the four main types of metrics.

  • Visitors who came to your site from off-page marketing campaigns, such as backlinks and blog posts on other websites, are known as referral traffic.
  • When they type your URL directly into their web browser, these visitors are known as direct traffic.
  • By typing a keyword into a search engine, visitors can find their way to your page. This is known as organic search.
  • Visitors that came from social media platforms are known as social traffic.

Do not have the time to manage these metrics? Rowe Group is here to help. Get a monthly review of your metrics to see how you can improve your site. We can even update your website as needed. For more information on how using Google Analytics can help your business, send us a message or give us a call.